At Calendar shop we are South Africa’s leading supplier of Calendars to both retail and corporate customers.
Our diverse range is the countries largest calendar selection and always proves that there is ‘one for you’.

Calendar Shop was born out of a long history of calendar production during the February of 2002. Since then we have seen continual growth, opening new markets, creating new products and through offering innovative, flexible ways of doing business.

Our commitment to South Africa is proven in our statement that we are 100% South African, producing and retailing across this great country, employing a broad spectrum of fabulous people which leads to us obtaining our BEE verification.

We are sure that you will share our love of South Africa through our wide range of titles and our commitment to using only the very best images and production methods.
Calendar Shop’s owner and leading photographer, Rob Gwilliam, welcomes you to the site and please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you may have.

Rob’s love of photography takes him across all of South Africa in search of the country’s finest photo opportunities and his love for the country is paramount. A born and bred English lad from Shropshire, he resides in Hout Bay, Cape Town with his wife Su-Mari, his wonderful son Rhys and daughter Fflur.